Restoration Court Composers

For career biographies of Thomas Farmer, Moses Snow, and William Turner, see Ian Spink (for Snow and Farmer) and Don Franklin (for Turner) in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians ("Grove 6"), General Editor Stanley Sadie, 20 vols (London: Macmillan, 1980).

An unsigned manuscript copy of a setting of Ephelia's popular song, "When busy fame o're all the plain," overlooked in my edition's apparatus, is in the collection of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Folger MS W.b.515. I am grateful to Mary Ann O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hageman for bringing my attention to this setting. For additional locations of Ephelia settings, published by the Playfords, see my edition (265-8, ills.). The Playfords are generously profiled, with a secondary bibliography, in Grove 6, and discussed in a principal source, Ian Spink's English Song: Dowland to Purcell (NY, 1974).