Image 5. Excerpts, "A funerall Elegie on Sr. Thomas Isham Barronet"
([August, 1681]). Signed "Ephelia"

Portland MS PwV 336, University of Nottingham Library
From the author's Poems by Ephelia (second printing, 1993)
A 17th-century specimen of Pen, Ink, and Evidentiary Document


Comparing the signature of Lady Mary Villiers from a pre-Restoration financial agreement, copied just below, certain characteristics are apparent between the script in the "Isham" autograph, above, and Lady Mary's signature: (i) the strong horizontal link between "o" and "n" in "on" in line 1 of the "Isham" and in (see the second excerpt above) "expression" in line 8, as compared to "on" in "Richmond"; (ii) "nd" in "mankind," line 12 of the second excerpt of the "Isham" poem, above, and "nd" in "Richmond"; and (iii) several presentations of the final looped "d" in both specimens.

MA: Richmond & Lennox
(i.e., "Mary: Richmond & Lennox")
Wiltshire & Swindon Record Office MS 88/9/20
(A Pre-Restoration Financial Contract)
Gracious Permission, 18 February 2004