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I. Literary Picklock: The Authorship Debate


II. Flashpoint: The "Butterfly" in My Net


III. Graphic Wit: The Eureka Piece in the Puzzle


VI. Hermeneutics: The Portrait & Poems of Ephelia


V. Ephelia in English Song; with Audio Clip


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Appendix A: A Key to Female Poems ... by Ephelia (1679)


Appendix B: Mary Villiers's Literary Genealogy


Appendix C: Comparing Stuart Faces: Buckingham & Jermyn


Appendix D: A New Text in the Ephelia Canon


Appendix E: Ephelia's Grand Spotted Moth


Appendix F: "Ephelia's Orange Tip"


Appendix G: Title-page of the Defensio Regia


A Note on the Author, with Photo